A unique and challenging Halloween costume idea involves a great amount of creativity. The walking dead and the skeletons are out of this year`s trends. When deciding to choose or to make a Halloween costume should feel totally free to use your imagination and to combine all the famous character`s specific elements you like the most. The most important aspects of Halloween are the enjoyable family time and the fantasy character transformation.

Nowadays, the most popular and genuine Halloween Teen Costumes 2010 are inspired by the Hollywood stars or by famous political people. In this year Halloween Costumes top, having a huge success, the outfits are influenced by the Hollywood blockbusters and also by the Disney enchanting stories and cartoon series. According to the National Retail Federation from US, the top Teen Costumes 2010 are: the iconic and powerful Iron Man teen costume, inspired by the blockbuster "Avatar", the second place is taken by the animated Avatar teen costume and on the third place with an amazing success among teens is the Batman costume. This year most trendy costumes list, also including the fearless pirate costume of Jack Sparrow, the Spartan costume is very popular among teens and also the Star Wars characters, which remained on the top for another year. For the young girls, the most fashionable ideas for this Halloween are the Bargirl Costume, Disney Princesses or Super Heroines amazing costumes.

The Iron Man costume is the best and most trendy choice for this year Halloween, being inspired by the blockbuster "Iron Man" and also from the famous comics published by the Marvel Comics. The story of the 2010`s most popular hero presents the adventure of "Tony" Stark, a brilliant physician and inventor, who sufferers a severe heart injury during an unfortunate kidnap. As the story goes on, Tony build as a replacement for his injured heart a powerful suit, which helps him save the world and become an indestructible hero. As being a wealthy businessman and a genius inventor, Tony builds to build up a unique indestructible costume, bringing the peace on earth and fighting with the evil enemies. As a teen is important to feel and act as an amazing hero in the Halloween special night.

The Iron Man Costume includes a red and gold muscle torso for the top and also a realistic character mask. If you dream to fight against nuclear weapons enemies and to have a very actual look, the Iron Man teen costume is the ideal choice. According to the Teen Costumes 2010 top, Iron Man Costume will make you the most fascinating and intriguing Halloween character. For a fun hero evening you can choose along with your best friend to dress up as the most successful and fashionable 2010 outfits: the Iron Man costume and the Avatar teen costume.


Source by Ludovic Cabildo