Through much of the first decade of the 21st Century, we saw a large expansion of the digital world. From cartoons to comics and from animations to video games, the digital industry experienced a massive boom. But, all these came at a cost. Violence books and DVDs are some things that influence young children in a very negative way. There are several comics that glorify crime and violence. But, due to their attractive and illustrative nature of story-telling, these books are hugely popular among young kids, especially pre-pubescent ones. On the other hand, the popularity of DVDs has expanded the market of video games and movies.

Video games currently available in the market are mostly first person shooters. This means that violence is something that is very popular among these games. All popular video games glorify crime and criminal activities. As, we have moved on to the second decade of the 21st Century, we are slowly understanding the harmful effects of violence books and DVDs. But, it's never too late to react for a good cause. Due to the high popularity of violent movies among a significant section of our society, violence has exponentially increased at the advent of the second decade of the century. As a result, a lot of non-government organizations have filed hard to bring down the rate of crime in society through banning of violent movies and games. Another interesting method of preventing violence from reaching young kids is giving adult certificates to kids that restrict kids from viewing these movies or games.

But, a lot has to be done to stop the wide-spread levels of crime in our society which are a direct result of large scale glorification of violence through violence books and DVDs. Authorities have a very minor role to play in controlling this problem. A large role has to be played by the financiers of these violent substances. They should realize that their movies or video games are having a negative impact on our entire society. Parents should also keep a strong control over their children. They should keep track of their kid's activities and his exposures of violent movies and games. So, we can conclude that this problem can be controlled and eventually put down through the combined efforts of the whole society. Parents, kids, movie financers and government should work hand in hand and curb this problem. After all, a violence free society is a safe and crime free society.


Source by Avik Bhattacharya