Flash #50
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi Color (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week’s The Flash #50.

The original version of Bart Allen has returned to the DCU.

Although Wally West didn’t succeed in rescuing his children during “Flash War” – the current Flash storyline by Josh Williamson and Howard Porter – his trip into Hypertime has released the fan-favorite speedster Bart Allen.

The character, who was created in 1994 by Mark Waid and the late Mike Wieringo, was primarily known as Impulse, but also wore the title Kid Flash and, for a brief time, was the Flash. When he was introduced, Bart was Barry’s grandson from the future.

The character was replaced when the DC Universe was largely rebooted, launching a “New 52” version of the DCU that included a completely different Bart Allen/Kid Flash.

But this character, because he’s wearing his Impulse costume and appears to have jumped out of Hypertime, where past versions of characters were shown to exist, appears to be the original version of Bart.

So how did Bart Allen return? And why didn’t Wally get his kids? Let’s take a look at spoilers for this week’s The Flash #50 to find out what…


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