Big DC-Marvel-Independent Mixed 90 Comic book Lot (1986 to 2015) FN+/VF


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Big DC-Marvel-Independent Mixed 90 Comic book Lot (1986 to 2015) FN+/VF

Big DC-Marvel-Independent Mixed 90 Comic book Lot (1986 to 2015) FN+/VF

Product Description

With over 500,000 comics in stock, my freshly restocked comic overstock is going Cheap!! 90 mixed comics, superheroes, horror, alternative, sci-fi, fantasy, war, adventure, and some mature titles (unless buyer request they be excluded), at least 50 comics will be from DC or Marvel and the rest will be from Valiant, Image, Malibu, Eclipse, Pacific, Comico, Caliber, Crossgen, Chaos, Dark Horse, Dynamite, First, IDW and many more small press and independent comic title companies of various genre in each lot. All comics will be almost like new (no tears, no stains, no trashed issues) from 1986 through the 2015, or newer when available. Some may have minor flaws like a crease or two, minor soiling or, maybe, a price sticker on covers, but never more than 12% of the order. No duplicates up to 2 lots, and some will have small runs. Every comic will be at least Fine condition, or better. The average grade is Fine+ to Very Fine- for the majority. Each lot will have a guaranteed current value of $250.00 or more. A big load of good reading at my lowest price!!! Also, I just picked up loads more comics with lots of popular and newer DC & Marvel titles, so there will be many X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, Spider-Man, Cable, X-Man, Excalibur, Rom, Micronauts, Punisher, Generation X, G.I. Joe, Avengers, Quasar, Darkhawk, Namor, New Warriors, New Mutants, Fantastic Four, Star Trek, all Ultimate titles, Superman, Hawkman, Deathstroke, JLA, JSA, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, Omega Men, Authority, Flash, Firestorm, Doom Patrol, Outsiders, Batman, Demon, Impulse, Robin, a few New 52 titles, some Vertigo titles, some Image Spawn, Gen 13, WildCATS, Wetworks, and Stormwatch, some Valiant Solar, Magnus, Robot Fighter, X-O Manowar, and Turok, and other great comics while they last.

Shipping Term

I usually ship in the U.S. via 1st class shipping, or by priority mail when cost effective, but I can change shipping methods upon request before payment is made. If shipping, packing, & handling, costs are less than I initially charge, I will refund the remainder to the buyer except where they make payment without requesting I combine shipping. In that case, I will issue credit towards other purchases applying the excess shipping amount paid. For International shipping, single comics mailed by 1st Class parcel rates to Canada cost $9.50 postage, single comics mailed to Mexico and South America cost $13.50 for 1st Class parcels, and all overseas mailing for a single comic runs $13.75 by 1st Class parcel rates, which permits me to add stiff cardboard to packages to protect the merchandise in transit. Additional comics adds $6.00 postage to Canadian packages and $9.00 to all other destinations worldwide.

Payment Terms

I prefer payments by Paypal to protect both the buyer and my best interests, but will make exceptions of alternate payment options in some cases. I prefer to be paid within three days of the sale, if possible. If, for some reason, a buyer cannot meet that deadline, I ask that they please e-mail me and let me know when I can expect payment.