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This is TV Guide whose cover features 2 terrific images of George Reeves as Superman & Clark Kent.

Philadelphia edition.
9/25/53.  September 25, 1953.

Guide contains – 
3 page article about Superman.
2 pg article featuring George Burns, Jack Benny.
Very small head shots of such stars as Groucho Marx, Clarabell of Howdy Doody fame. 

The guide is very displayable.
No mailing label.
Vibrant coloring on cover.
Terrific images of George Reeves.

There is some overall wear that includes – 
There is a thin diagonal crease line on the cover from top to bottom – goes thru both images.
However, both images of George Reeves show thru beautifully.
There are some very mild stains on the cover – one barely touching the cape, one on legs, some on background.
But, they’re quite mild. 
A tiny bit of ink under the word World.
Some minor flecking on Clark Kent’s neck area, background. 
Some pages have a few tiny dots inside. Some mild wear on the pages. 
There was probably a paper clip on the bottom edge of the back cover – pages have a mild indent mark on the bottom. 

The guide has some defects but is very displayable. Very framable.